Queen Bee

Queen Bee



White Howlite is a calming stone that facilitates awareness and promotes emotional expression.  This stone focuses the mind and empties it of distracting thoughts.

Purple Chalcedony is a nurturing stone, bringing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions into harmony.  This stone enhances your connection with your highest self and guides you in self discovery. Purple Chalcedony encourages you to be aware and live in the present, and to seek the truth and wisdom of the universe.

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. This stone purifies and opens the heart, briginning you to a place of trust and harmony in relationships. Rose Quartz promotes feelings of peace and inner healing, strengthening your levels of unconditional love.

Green Aventurine is the stone of opportunity.  Thought to be the stone of luck in manifesting prosperity and wealth.  Green aventurine releases old habits and disappointments, so new growth and opportunity can take place.

Sandalwood beads bring peace, calm, and awareness.  These beads promote compassion and openness, enhancing your zest for life.  Sandalwood is great for stress relief and enhancing meditation.

*Bead patterns may vary on children's sized bracelets due to smaller circumference.