Lotus Flower Stackable Set

Lotus Flower Stackable Set



Raise your vibration wearing our stackable set of 3 Lotus Flower Charm Bracelets together.

The Lotus Flower is a symbol of purity, enlightenment and rebirth.  The Lotus Flower represents spiritual awakening and encourages the act of rising above, despite challenges, and moving towards the light of wisdom. 

The OM symbol is the sacred sound of universal energy.  OM represents peace, tranquility and unity.  The sound and vibrations of OM calms the mind and nervous system, reminding you to simply breath into your highest self. 

The symbol of meditation represents resting the mind and experiencing the center of consciousness within.  During meditation your mind is clear, relaxed and inwardly focused. This is a moment to experience inner joy and contentment, dissolving external world distractions.