Brighter Side Box Set

Brighter Side Box Set


If you're looking to enhance your daily gratitude routine our NEW monthly Brighter Side Club is exactly what you need in 2021!


When designing our membership club we had 2 main focuses... self love & self discovery.  Our Brighter Side journal combined with our inspirational journal cards, uniquely designed gemstone bracelets and Doterra essential oil recipe cards are all created with the intention of raising your vibration in 2021.  


"The more I honor my inner light the more I brighten the world. I choose to shine!"

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$29.95monthly/ auto-renew

The Brighter Side Club was founded with the intention of discovering your inner light and to create space to appreciate this one uniquely beautiful life we each live.    


Let this be a journey of self growth, self love, and self discovery as you train your mind to imagine, feel and create all those wild dreams you've been holding inside for far too long. 


 In order for the universe to bring you bigger and better things, you must openly express the gratitude you have for the life you're living in this moment.



Gratitude is showing appreciation for things around us and being thankful for what we have in this moment.  It’s about focusing on the good in our life and how fortunate we can be for the things we already have.


Each month your Brighter Side Club Box provides you with inspirational journal question cards, a unique set (2) of gemstone diffuser bracelets, a surprise diffuser accessory and a Doterra Recipe card to raise your vibration and encourage you to focus on all the BRIGHT things in your daily life that bring you joy. Your first subscription box set will also include your FREE Brighter Side Journal!


"Listen to the inner light; it will guide you.  Listen to the inner peace; it will feed you.  Listen to the inner love; it will transform you." 


*Brighter Side Subscription Box Set will auto-renew each month for $29.95 + free shipping, cancel your subscription any time.