Beach Please

Beach Please



Volcano Quartz is a healing stone that will help you release all your tension.  This stone will restore your energy and rhythm of life, allowing you to feel secure and grounded. Volcano Quartz is a symbol of vitality, strength, and energy. 

Angelite has a peaceful energy that is calming and soothing.  This stone helps you speak your truth, and promotes communication and self-expression.  Angelite elevates your energy to connect with your higher self, while dispelling fear, anger, and anxiety.  Angelite is a stone filled with compassion and tranquility.

Pink Zebra Jasper is a heart chakra stone that brings you contentment and joy.  This stone promotes physical, mental, and spiritual healing.  Pink Zebra Stone enhances your connection with Mother Earth, and the never-ending flow of universal love.

Pink Aventurine brings you the light of happiness! This stone brings you a brighter outlook towards life, as this is the stone of kindness and compassion.

Sandalwood beads bring peace, calm, and awareness.  These beads promote compassion and openness, enhancing your zest for life.  Sandalwood is great for stress relief and enhancing meditation.