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Expressing Gratitude

“When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out,

and the tide of love rushes in.”

With so much uncertainty in our lives this year it is really easy to get caught in a spiral of what-ifs and panic from thinking about the next minute.. day.. month… year of our life.

It is without a doubt that we could sit here and chat about the 101 things that we are worried about. And continue to expand our list as the minutes passed… ending up in a pity puddle of self-doubt and anxiety.

But I am saying NO SIR to that option!

Even on my most negative days I have been able to lift myself up out of that pity puddle and show my inner sparkle by reminding myself of ONE rule.


I’m specifically using the word practice because expressing (true) gratitude is a daily growing process that isn’t always easy. I guarantee you, the more you practice expressing gratitude for even the simplest things in your life, the more your mind will seek out positivity around you.

While we don't always have control over the events, people, and emotions around us, we DO have control over our own thoughts and actions. That’s a really great reason for you to practice making those thoughts ones that lift you up rather than knock you down.


Gratitude is showing appreciation for things around us and being thankful for what we have in this moment. It’s about focusing on the good in our life and how fortunate we can be for the things we already have.

I’ve noticed numerous benefits from practicing gratitude daily, and even science says that expressing daily gratitude can build stronger relationships, improves physical health, enhances psychological health, and provides better quality of sleep.

When I practice gratitude (even on really crummy days), I have noticed that:

  • My self-confidence is higher

  • I have more physical energy

  • I am a better listener

  • I have a positive outlook on my future

  • I create a healthy daily routine

  • I set goals for myself and take action in achieving them

  • I am a better communicator

  • I have an unconditional love for the world around me

Those are some really amazing benefits that come from taking a few minutes of your day to look around you, and reflect on a handful of things that you are grateful for in that moment. As I said earlier, the more you practice gratitude the easier it is for your mind and body to seek out the things that make you feel good and raise your vibration!

How can you incorporate daily gratitude into your everyday life?

Here are 3 inspiring actions you can choose from to add into your daily routine. Remember that practicing gratitude is for everyone… even if you have a crazy busy schedule, there’s always time to be grateful for this one beautiful life you are living.

  1. Mindfully Reflect on Your Blessings Throughout the Day:

At various times throughout your day stop for a moment and reflect on how you are grateful for the things that surround you. Let yourself appreciate even the simplest things that make up your daily routine. Your morning cup of warm tea, the plant in your office that grew a new leaf, the crisp morning air as you walk your dog, the sound of laughter from your loved ones that echoes through your house. Let yourself take in your surroundings and identify what things hit your senses and give you that spark of happiness when you take the time to enjoy them. Once you begin to intentionally look for positive things around you throughout the day it will become a habit and you will naturally recognize these things providing you little sparks of happiness all day, everyday!

  1. Write a Gratitude List:

This can be in a journal, on a post-it, on a white board hanging up where you can see it all day long, or even on your phone. There’s no right or wrong time to write your list. Some of you might enjoy incorporating your gratitude list into your morning routine as a way to start each day on a positive note, and let it serve as a reminder throughout the day that there is always plenty to be thankful for. Others may benefit from writing your gratitude list at the end of the day to reflect on the events of your day and think about all the things that made you feel good and smile. Writing your list before bed may also help release any anxiety or negative energy you are holding from the day and allow you to lay your head down in a more peaceful mindset.

  1. Communicate Your Gratitude:

There are so many important people in our lives that show up big or small to make a positive impact on our daily lives, it’s important that we share just how thankful we are for the people around us. Communicating to others that you are thankful for who they are or what they do can make a big impact on their day and put them into a more positive mindset knowing they are appreciated. There’s little acts of kindness all around us, everyday, that should be celebrated. By sharing your positivity and openly expressing gratitude to the people in your life this can create a chain reaction of spreading joy! Share your beautiful mindset with the world and sprinkle around kind words like confetti!

I’d love to read what you're grateful for today, or who made a positive impact on your life today.

Let’s create a Power of Positivity chain in the comments below to inspire everyone to start practicing gratitude right now!

If you need an inspiration to start writing here is a question to reflect upon while writing your gratitude list for today:

What/ who made you smile today?

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